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Relationships are an important part of our lives, which is why it can be so hard when we’re dealing with challenges with the people we care about. I work with couples and individuals to build healthier and more fulfilling relationships of all types - familial, friendships and romantic relationships (monogamous and non-monogamous). 

Anxious Attachment 
If you’re struggling with fears of abandonment, need for reassurance, being emotionally distant, or fear of being vulnerable or close with others you might have an insecure attachment style. Having an insecure attachment style such as anxious, avoidant-dismissive or fearful-avoidant (disorganized) attachment style can have a huge influence on us and the people we love. It can impact our ability to find and maintain healthy relationships. In therapy we can work toward breaking unhealthy relationship patterns and developing a secure attachment style, so you can build your ability to trust, foster deeper connection and feel more fulfilled in your relationships

Relational Trauma


If you feel like your current relationships are being haunted by your past, you might have some relational trauma. This can take the form of experiencing past patterns showing up in your existing relationships and your life.

These past experiences can take many forms, including childhood abuse, intimate partner violence/abusive romantic relationships, or being betrayed by a partner. Regardless of the cause, relational trauma can affect our ability to trust and connect with other people.

In therapy, we’ll work on healing the roots of these emotional wounds and learning how to shift the negative beliefs and fears you have about yourself and others. We’ll work on discovering healthier ways of relating to others, building trust and creating more fulfilling, loving, supportive relationships.


Assertiveness and Boundary Setting


If you find yourself saying yes when you often want to say no, then working on assertiveness and boundary setting in therapy for people-pleasing might be a good fit for you.

You might find it hard to take up space, and you might also find yourself minimizing yourself and your needs to accommodate others.

There may even be relationships or situations in your life where you know you are unhappy or not having your needs met, but you find it hard to talk about what you want; you find yourself repressing your feelings about certain things to avoid conflict. In therapy, we can work on building your assertiveness so that you can better express your needs and enforce your boundaries.

Family and Cultural Issues

Families can be complicated, and navigating familial relationships can be extremely overwhelming. Cultural dynamics and generational trauma can further complicate these relationships.

If you’re hoping to work through complex family dynamics and break generational patterns, but your family isn’t ready just yet to join in your therapy journey, we can work together to manage your piece of the puzzle - navigating your feelings around your family dynamic, learning how to diffuse conflict, learning how to set healthy boundaries and build your communication skills.

Indian Family

Treating relationship issues

Relationship issues might be making you feel especially alone - even when surrounded by loved ones. Therapy can be a great way to make strides in building healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

Even when your loved ones aren’t totally on board yet, we can work together to break unhealthy relationship patterns, heal past wounds, and build healthy relationship habits and skills to make your current and future relationships as rewarding as possible.

Some common therapeutic approaches we’ll incorporate in our therapy together include

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